Episode 8 - Scrooge-ing Positive

In this Christmas themed episode, Liz and Howard blatantly rip off a well-known Charles Dickens holiday tale to portray Liz's rampant alcoholism and chronic mental illness in a festive light.

Featuring special appearances from: Erin Daniels as The Ghost of Xmas Past and the Trader Joseph's cashier, Tommy Bechtold as the Narrator, Signature Gatherer and Police Officer #1, Mike Truesdale as Fred, The Ghost of Xmas Future, Bill Cosby, Seth Rogen and Police Officer #2, Derek Mehn as The Ghost of Xmas Present and Jake Marley, Rik Michul as The Homeless Guy , Charles Tiberius Doggington as Tiny Charlie and Liz BrownHoward Shur, and Kaila Hoppe as Themselves